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Target undereye circles, darkness, redness,
and imperfections with bestselling,
high-performance concealers.

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“Makeup shouldn’t cover your skin, it should enhance your natural beauty, not mask it.”

Select. Correct. Perfect. NARS has a variety of award-winning concealer formulas and textures to build a complete, customized complexion wardrobe. Discover a global shade range in second-skin formulas with skincare benefits. From sheer-to-full coverage and radiant-to-matte finishes, finding your ideal concealer formula is only a few clicks away.

François Nars believes that modern makeup should enhance a woman’s look without ever dominating or masking her own beauty. Passionate for seeing beauty beyond makeup, François’ techniques and innovations in complexion transform and enhance skin’s natural radiance. Weightless formulas, luxurious textures and luminous finishes that inspire modern makeup artistry every day.

Use concealer to correct, camouflage and cover areas that might need more coverage after complexion formula is applied. Concealer should always blend seamlessly into skin. For a flawless application, start with a minimal amount, especially on blemishes, and gradually build up coverage for the most natural and least-noticeable effect. Use concealer to brighten undereye discolorations and to cover spots and blemishes. When covering spots or blemishes, match the skin tone with concealer. Concealer has more coverage than foundation, so use sparingly. You can apply it from the applicator, with fingertips or with a brush. Like foundation, the warmth from fingers helps to blend it.